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About ScioMark

Our Mission Statement Our mission is to help businesses define, improve and emphasize,  important elements of their business, in such a way that it reveals the successful brand that has always been there. About Us ScioMark is here to help businesses find their inner brand. We believe that most businesses already have a successful brand […]


A brand is the identity of a business in the eyes of consumers. Branding is the process used to create, control, and utilize that identity, to define an image that both, appeals to a targeted audience and reflects what a business represents. Branding is more than just a logo. Branding is communication, emotion and creative […]

Print Design

A huge part of your brand is the stationery and other print materials, which are seen by your customers and associates every day. Whether it’s an envelope, or a postcard, these materials represent your brand wherever they are used. It is important that these materials are consistent with your brand. Direct Mail Marketing Design We […]

Web Design

A website is an important tool for your business and your brand. When designed according to your brand, it will be your most effective representation online. ScioMark can create a website that represents your brand perfectly. From colors to imagery, it all plays an important role. WHATS INCLUDED?A website may or may not require the […]